Gravel Pit Campers

Author: Chris Decker


The late Chris Decker is one heck of a good writer. His humour will make you laugh out loud.


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Loot and Biddy Bridger live in Reefers Harbour on Newfoundland and Labrador’s Great Northern Peninsula. Loot is a mechanic able to put an arse in a cat, as the saying goes. He has never had much interest in sailing or cottaging or tenting. But Loot and Biddy and their kids, Donnie and Winn, get all excited when they decide to convert a 72-pupil school bus into a camper and head for the gravel pits. Loot’s heard on good authority that gravel pits don’t cost a cent to stay in and are a lot more fun than parks. Along the way they meet Jock, a recent widower from the States, Tyson, a university student on a mission from Ontario, and the mysterious Julienne. Oh, and Aunt Edwina, Biddy’s millionaire aunt.  Gravel Pit Campers has it all: humour that will make you laugh out loud, a story line that is real and
true, and people whose lives you identify with so strongly that you can’t
help yourself from laughing and crying along with them.


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