Calm the F@@k Down! A Day in the Life of an Autism Mom

Author: Florence Strang


An illustrated storybook for adults about a day in the life of an autism mom as she copes with the unique frustrations children with autism experience on a daily basis. Autism mom/author Florence and illustrator Necie hope this book will increase understanding and acceptance of autism.

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A storybook for adults. When Florence’s son, Ben, was diagnosed with autism just days before his third birthday, she was devastated. She set out on a mission to “fix” his autism. However, a cancer diagnosis she received three years later and Ben’s reaction made her realize that he does not need fixing. He is perfect just the way he is. Calm the F@@k Down! A Day in the Life of an Autism Mom chronicles a day in Florence’s life as she deals with the unique frustrations of raising a child on the autism spectrum. Dealing with Ben’s lack of communication skills, social skills deficits, need for sameness, and sensory issues, all take its toll on Florence. However it is not Ben’s behaviours which stresses her the most, rather it is society’s reaction to these behaviours which finally cause her to “snap”! Full of informative facts and culminating in a heart-warming story, Calm the F@@k Down! A Day in the Life of an Autism Mom is a must read for all autism moms and for anyone who wants to increase their understanding and acceptance of autism.¬†Autism currently affects one in 68 children and the numbers continue to rise.