Too Young to Die: Searching for the Boys of Change Islands

Author: Hector M. Earle


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On a stormy evening on November 11, 1952, two young men, George Woodford and Billy LeDrew, left Change Islands to sail across the narrow strait to cut firewood near Farewell.

When the boys failed to return the next day, an all-out search ensued. After an intense combing of the rugged beaches for hours on end, the boys’ boat was finally discovered, twisted among the rocks, and badly damaged. Their bodies were later discovered some good distance apart from each other and nowhere near the boat.

No one really knows exactly what happened on that awful night. We can only speculate and try to guess how things unfolded that led to the demise of these two young men. My version of the events may not solve the puzzle.

However, it may shed some light on what may or may not have happened to George Woodford and Billy LeDrew. The final conclusion may lie with the reader, especially those who still remember the story. Please join me and be part of the mystery. (Excerpt from Introduction by Hector Earle)