The Case of the Missing Beauties

Author: Freeman Cull


The setting is the Northern Peninsula and the main characters are women. Their lives, their joys, their trials and their sorrows are woven into a fine readable fabric.

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At the age of fifteen, I stood on a high snowdrift in the bitter cold and watched a group of men, wearing snowshoes, slowly pulling a sled (komatik) toward the shore. A loudspeaker on the church steeple echoed the voice of an old preacher, “They have found her! They have found the body!” I watched as the men drew the body of Beryl Roberts along by no less than ten feet away. Almost all of the memories of that terrible tragedy had faded away, but Freeman Cull has resurrected this account and has combined the thoughts and actions of many people who were involved, showing the lack of a combined and organized search and rescue unit. This is a great story. Read it!
Earl B. Pilgrim


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