Soul Steps: 52 Ways to Reconnect with Spirit

Author: V. Connors N. Finlay F. Strang


Soul Steps invites readers to join extraordinary women on their spiritual adventures and deepening friendship. Readers are guided to explore their own lives using a series of insightful exercises. This is a book that speaks to travelers on the quest for profound personal growth.” Judith Lukomski, author and speaker.



Veronica Connors, Natalie Finlay and Florence Strang are coaches, healers, spiritual teachers and educators who wrote the beautiful book entitled Soul Steps: 52 Ways to Reconnect with Spirit because they  want to convey what is working for them and their clients, knowing that it may also work for you, the reader of this book. In one short year, they say, they will walk you through 52 weekly soul exercises, because it’s in the doing of your soul work- the daily practice- where change happens. Their hope and prayer is that Soul Steps will bring awareness to the areas in which the reader seeks guidance and change, and that it can be one of the tools for spiritual awakening and empowerment. Sonia Choquette, bestselling author of The Answer is Simple, says “Soul Steps is a beautifully written guide for your spiritual journey. Whether new to the process of self-exploration or an advanced seeker, there is a soul message here for you. Let your journey to spiritual discovery and empowerment begin with Soul Steps.