A Time and Season for All Things

Author: Ken Ball


Introducing Roy Green

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A Time and Season for All Things

In his fifth book, popular author Ken Ball takes readers along on the adventures and happenings in the life of Roy Green, a young man from Rencontre West on the southwest coast of Newfoundland. Roy started working in the fishery and admits he was useless. The only thing he could do any good aboard a dory was row or haul trawl. His father said if he had to fish for a living he would starve. So Roy went to work in the lumber woods. Didn’t like it. Was cook on a schooner. Work was hard, money was poor. But then one day Roy got an offer of a job as a deckhand on the Southern Wind, a local schooner that brought coal from North Sydney to Newfoundland in the fall and salt fish from Newfoundland to Portugal in the summer, and things began looking a lot brighter. Life was good, but as with any life it wasn’t all roses and sunshine.