Inner Compass: One Man’s Spiritual Journey

Author: Nick Galliott O'Keeffe


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This is my story: Born in Ireland during the Second World War, raised in a traditional Catholic environment, ordained a Catholic priest and served in Africa. In my mid-thirties I sailed to Canada where I worked as a parish priest on the west coast of Newfoundland for the next twelve years. Then my life-long spiritual quest drew me into solitude as a publicly professed hermit in the church. I trained to become a potter to support myself in this lifestyle and went on to live a life of solitude and prayer in a hermitage in the Codroy Valley for twenty-five years. At the age of 64, I chose to leave the church and subsequently married. In my marriage to a soulmate and best friend I discovered the spiritual at its most universal, in an experience of human love. My life has been a journey from the experience of authority to the authority of experience.

Nick Galliott O’Keeffe