Something Fishy

Author: Ray Andrews


“Life has been a remarkable journey”

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From his vantage point of 80 years Ray Andrews says life for him has been a remarkable journey, from humble beginnings on Taylor’s Hill in Port de Grave, to sitting at the table alongside some of the most recognized names in Canadian politics. He describes it all in this book.

Ray, son of a fisheries inspector, says his entire life has been influenced by fish and, to a lesser degree, politics. Following a three year stint as a teacher and principal he became a fisheries officer and went on to be a senior advisor on fisheries with provincial, federal and territorial governments. In light of all of that Ray feels he can justifiably title a book Something Fishy.

Longtime friend Jim Wellman, author and former host of CBC Radio’s “The Fisheries Broadcast,” first met Ray in 1961 when Ray was his grade 10 teacher. In the foreword he wrote for this book Jim describes Ray as someone whose life’s activities make our heads spin as we wonder how they find time to sleep. He says Ray is a staunch family man with a strong dedication to his church, a tireless advocate for those less fortunate than himself, and someone who knows that bureaucrats wield a lot of power and that political change can be influenced from the back rooms. Jim concluded:

“As the title of this book suggests, Ray was often there when “something fishy” was going on behind closed doors. In this book, he lets us in on some of those titillating political tidbits along with an array of insights into the art of surviving and thriving in the world of bureaucracy.“