Down to Bishop Feild And Other Boyhood Memories

Author: James Douglas (Doug) Cook


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Bishop Feild College on Bond Street in St. John’s is currently known as Bishop Feild Elementary, and is a K to VI school for boys and girls.

Back in 1949 when James Douglas (Doug) Cook became a pupil, Bishop Feild College was a boys’ only Kindergarten to Grade XI school.

On his first day at Bishop Feild College, Doug was seven-years-old and about to go into Grade III, having attended St. Mary’s School on the Southside for Kindergarten and Grades I and II.

In Down to Bishop Feild: And other boyhood memories Doug writes about his life at school and his life away from school. He describes his book as a non-fictional, no-holds-barred picture of life at Bishop Feild College when it was a boys’ only school, and adds there are as well numerous detailed specifics of life in St. John’s in the 1950s within a broad –warts and all –context.

Down to Bishop Feild: And other boyhood memories is an easy to read informative, interesting, and humorous book that gives a captivating insight into how life was in St. John’s in the 1950s. Everyone will enjoy reading it.