Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson, a member of the well known comedic trio, Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, has now added the title of author to his accomplishments. Ray’s latest book is The Titanic: a Catastrophe That Should Not Have Been, which includes new information about the ill-fated ship and a list of passengers and crew who were aboard when it sank. Earlier books by Ray are ..And I Owe It All to Bridget and John, the story of his adoptive parents and his growing up in Job’s Cove; I Know That Voice, which features rural NL songs, recitations, accordion and fiddle tunes, and includes a CD with Ray singing favourites like Fishin’ in a Dory. There is also a children’s book entitled Sarah, a colloborative effort by writer Jean Edwards Stacey and children’s author/illustrator which was inspired by Ray who suggested the well loved song could be turned into a book.

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