Lies My Father Told Me

Author: Erica Watts


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Author Erica Watts was born and raised in Glovertown, a town in the central region of the island of Newfoundland, and spent many summer vacations visiting her grandparents in Wesleyville, a community 103 kilometres away. Erica’s visits to Wesleyville are something she has in common with Jeanie Meyer, the main character in her debut novelLies My Father Told Me. Jeanie lives in Boston with her Newfoundland mother and her American father and visits her grandparents in Wesleyville for the first time in the summer of 1979. Jeanie arrives at her grandparents’ home a confused and lonely four-year old. Her grandparents’ ways are strange to her, but she quickly learns to love the rugged Newfoundland coast, fairy lore, and the eccentricities of her grandfather. During yearly visits, where she spends the full summer with her grandparents, she enjoys carefree childhood moments, and comes to terms with her not-so-happy family life back home in the States.When Jeanie chooses to attend Memorial University in St. John’s, unwanted old friends become new family, and a one-night mistake forces her to navigate an unplanned pregnancy, a budding romance, and her family’s religiosity. Jeanie’s strict upbringing causes friction between her severe mother and caring father. Her discovery of the source of this conflict causes her to re-evaluate her entire childhood and her relationships with everyone around her.