The Way We Were: Life in an Outport

Author: Kenneth Ball


Life in a Newfoundland outport in the good old day and much more.

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Come meet Frank Chapman. He was born and raised in Rencontre West, Hermitage Bay, back when Newfoundland was a British Dominion.

Now it is 1959 and he has been a Canadian for ten years. He finished school when he was 14 and had his Grade 8. His father reasoned that getting more education than you needed was a waste of time. Frank didn’t disagree.

The first summer after he finished up with school he went fishing in the dory with his father. Frank loved Rencontre West and the life he lived there, but like it or not he was living in a time when change was in the wind and people had no choice but to adapt.

In his latest book author Ken Ball brings readers back to a time in Newfoundland that is long past and then forward into a future with its own challenges and successes.

You are guaranteed to enjoy reading about Frank Chapman from Rencontre West.