Then… Everything Changed: The Transformation of Rural Newfoundland

Author: Bill Kennedy


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It is said that everyone has a story. My story, Then…Everything Changed, is a reflective and interpretative account of early life in the mid 20th century in Shoal Point, a small isolated community in rural Newfoundland. Shoal Point no longer exists as a separate community. Today, it is part of the town of Trepassey. The lifestyle I knew growing up in Shoal Point has long gone, as it has for most, if not all, of rural Newfoundland. A major factor contributing to this transformation was Confederation with Canada in 1949.¬† Some considered this as a loss, others as a godsend. Whatever your view, change is part of life and needs to be embraced with openness and flexibility.

Although Shoal Point today no longer exists with its specific culture and its own sense of community, in my heart that little piece of Trepassey will always and forever  be known as Shoal Point.