Where Once They Logged

Author: Lester Green


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After several years of researching, interviewing and collecting stories, the goal of creating the book Where Once They Logged has been attained by author Lester Green. This book is a result of gathered photos, documents, and stories about men from the Southwest Arm area of Trinity Bay who enlisted and served with the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit in the British Isles during World War Two.

Where Once They Logged documents the stories of seventy men from the Southwest Arm area who served overseas with the Forestry Unit. It also tells the stories of four women who served with the Auxiliary Territorial Services (ATS) overseas and went on to marry loggers from the Southwest Arm area.

This book follows the chronological enlistment of loggers from the Southwest Arm area, from the first draft to the last individual to enlist with the Forestry Unit during World War Two.

Some of the loggers from the Southwest Arm area returned home after completing their contract with the Forestry Unit. Others went on to enlist and serve with other armed forces units. Years later, one of those men, Leander Drodge, who served overseas with both the Forestry Unit and the Royal Air Force, had a simple request which was quoted in a local newspaper, the Packet, “I hope they will try to remember us. That is all we want.”

Where Once They Logged adds to the series of published books designed to record the stories of men from the Southwest Arm area who served in two world wars: Where Once They Served and Where Once They Sailed.