The Man Behind the Chair

Author: Maurice Lahey


The Man Behind The Chair is the story of a young man from Bell Island who followed his dream of becoming a barber. At a very young age he knew that this was his calling. This book details the hard work, determination and commitment that made Maurice Lahey one of Newfoundland and Labrador‘s most renowned and award winning hair stylists. Sixty years after he first started, Maurice is still standing behind the chair. Donna Dillon

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I have always been a bit of a dreamer. Without dreams it would
be very hard to plan future goals. I think if you can dream it, you
can achieve it, so I’ll keep on dreaming and keep on working
for as long as I can.

So says Maurice Lahey, who grew up  poor on Bell Island,one of nine children with hard working parents trying to survive on a miner paltry pay cheque. But Maurice held firm to his dream of  making a name for himself in the hairstyling industry. He started out working in a barber shop on Bell Island at age 16, and went on to open his own hairstyling business on November 12, 1969. Today, many years later, Maurice is still the man behind the chair, still loving what he does, and happy that he is still following his dream.

Find out all about Maurice in his wonderful memoir The Man Behind the Chair.