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Author: Compiled by Steve Porter


Greg Tiller, 21, was one of 84 men lost on the oil rig Ocean Ranger. His poem, Rig, featured in this book, is an eerie foretelling of what happened to the Ocean Ranger on that fateful February 15. 1982.

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Memories and Writings of Greg Tiller: Compiled by Steve Porter. Twenty-one-year-old Greg Tiller of Mount Pearl was one of 84 men who were lost when the oil rig Ocean Ranger capsized and sank in the North Atlantic on February 15, 1982. Steve Porter was a close friend who knew that Greg had left behind a journal containing poems and other writings. One of his poems is “Rig,” which provides an eerie foretelling of what happened to the Ocean Ranger on February 15, 1982.


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