The Devil is in You Crossways: A Merasheen Childhood

Author: Patrick James Hann


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  1. Patrick James Hann shares vignettes of his childhood growing up in Merasheen in this wonderful book celebrating the concepts of home and belonging: “There is a place that I call home. It’s a place I have come to know intimately and to love. Away from this place, away from the beauty and power that is Merasheen there is always something missing. Merasheen sings to me. It sings to me of the joy of arriving and the sadness of departing, of coastal steamers and a crowded government wharf, of leaving home too soon, of being away too long, of my twin brother Gerard (who died an infant-but there’s two of me in many of my dreams), of family and friends now scattered, of ancestors in the graveyards, of early rites of manhood, of the importance of memory, of a fierce pride of place.”